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Strength training has long been a polarising topic for endurance athletes.  In the modern day the best endurance athletes in the world perform regular, structured and periodised strength training.  Strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of injury, increase the ability to produce sustainable force, increase rate of force development, improve efficiency and delay the onset of fatigue.  The volume and type of strength training is a crucial piece of the performance jigsaw for endurance athletes. 


Please see below for a range of remote and in person strength training programmes, individually designed to fit into your schedule, equipment and facility access.



All coached gym sessions will take place in the private gym facility at Kinetic Physio's Clinic at Mortonhall Golf Club.  Athletes will have access to expert coaching, excellent equipment and the use of a Vald ForceDecks for strength, power and muscle balance assessments.

Weightlifting exercises



A 60 minute coached strength session in Kinetic Physio's private strength training facility at Mortonhall Golf Club, Edinburgh.  Sessions will be designed to help the individual to improve their performance.  Athletes will be coached through appropriate strength sessions, developing technique in a vast range of exercises to develop endurance performance.  Crucially, sessions will look at how improving strength and power in the gym can have maximum transfer to performance in your chosen event.  Athletes will build their strength training confidence and competency in a friendly environment.



Strength training programmes are available for self coached endurance athletes.  These programmes are designed specifically for the individual, based on their strength training experience, event demands, time availability and facility access.  Video links are provided to all exercises.  Programmes are periodised to allow the athlete to prepare for the event of their choice.

Athletes will have ongoing contact via WhatsApp and Final Surge.

Workout at Home


State of the art Vald ForceDecks technology allows for industry leading strength and power testing without expensive laboratory access.  The dual force plate technology allows for unparrallaled insight into the athletes strength and power capabilities, muscle imbalance and injury risk.  The result is a totally individualised strength programme tailored for your needs.

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