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After 10 years of trying Euan breaks the 3:00 marathon barrier.

I've had the goal to achieve a sub 3:00 marathon for about 10 years, but never quite managed it using downloaded running programmes. Jimmy was the first time I have worked with a coach, and it's no exaggeration to say he completely changed the way I trained. Every session was carefully planned, with a purpose, and knowing I had someone "in my corner" gave me the confidence boost that I could do it. Jimmy was super responsive, extremely helpful and knowledgeable and always there to help or discuss training. I was delighted to achieve my goal of 2:58 at the Edinburgh marathon this year and would recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to achieve their personal best. Thanks Jimmy.



Starting running he wanted to break an hour for the 10km.  Now he has broken 50 minutes!

After 16 months of training with Jimmy I can now do a 10km run in under 50 minutes! Running was something I never enjoyed. Sore knees, boredom, and getting out the door were my main barriers. I started trying to run 5km, after years of no regular exercise, and was about to give up. My knees were aching and my motivation was low. I was convinced I had damaged my knees from playing sport in my younger years. However, Jimmy did an initial analysis of where I was with regards to exercise and what I wanted to achieve. He quickly identified what was causing problems and, with a carefully structured plan, helped me overcome it. I am now much fitter, easily maintain a healthy weight, and love 10km races! The most important factor in my ability to maintain motivation and enjoyment in running is Jimmy’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise, training plans, and his enthusiasm to see you succeed along with his naturally supportive approach. Thanks Jim!

Sarah Manchester.jpg


From non-runner to a 1:43 Half Marathon and Age Grade Duathlon Podium.

Age is no barrier to start running – even for the first time.  I came to running later in life in April 2016, not so much a crisis but certainly a mid-life realisation that I needed to get fitter.  Jimmy showed me how to build volume gradually, I started doing regular strength training and I love the various types of intervals sessions he programmes.  I have now run a 1:43 Half Marathon, I came 3rd in my age group in a Duathlon and my target is a Good For Age for the London Marathon.


Keen triathlete, 5KM PBs, Triathlon PBs to Age Group Podiums in Duathlon and Triathlon.

Jimmy has been instrumental in improving my performance, moving from a middle of the pack age grouper to consistently placing in the top 10 and on the podium. Jimmy has provided tailored programmes, focusing on areas of weakness, and taking into account my balance of busy family and work commitments. Feedback from Jimmy is first class, allowing changes to programmes to be made to maximise the benefit. With my focus now moving from Olympic distance to Ironman triathlon, Jimmy's knowledge of endurance training has been first rate enabling times to drop and distances to increase. Great work Jimmy!!

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5KM time came crashing down to 17:39 and a Marathon improvement of 34 minutes.

Jimmy has completely revolutionised my approach to running. I had decent times at 5-10k as well as half marathon, but I really wanted to improve my full marathon time. The change in energy and performance once I started the training was immediately noticeable. It is the first time I have managed to complete a full training program without injury. But of course results speak for themselves. Previously I had hoped to one day get a marathon under 3:30, I am now chasing a sub-3 having achieved 3:05 at London 2021. Along the way to achieving that I also set PBs for all the other distances as well. Training, strength, nutrition, race tactics – Jimmy can help with it all. Above all that, his passion is clear and you can feel the buzz he gets from helping others achieve their goals.




An experienced all round athlete with impressive times, Paddy went on to PB at 10km PB and podiums in ultra-races.

As an ex-pat living in Abu Dhabi, Jimmy has been key in helping me build training programmes that are not only goal orientated, but importantly, take into consideration the challenges of training in extreme heat. Combining focussed running sessions, strength training, and tailored bike sessions as a method for coping with the heat as well as preparing for longer cycle races. Jimmy’s programmes have helped me achieve multiple targets. These include a new 10km PB, age grade podium in Oman UTMB 50k ultra race and exceeding personal aspirations in my first ever 100+km cycle road race.

Hags Loch Ness.jpg


Marathon improvement of 3:47 to 3:10 and 1:27 to 1:23 in the Half Marathon.

I had reached a glass ceiling in my running progress and fatigue had become an issue. I got in touch with Jimmy and spoke about my goals and he set about devising a plan for me.  He spoke about the importance of polarised training and explained it clearly and concisely. We did some initial testing to establish accurate training zones and then began training.  With most of my running now done at much easier intensities I have gradually increased my training volume.  Harder sessions are tailored to my specific goals, with focus shifting from speed over 5k and 10k, to Anaerobic Threshold work for half and full marathon performance. I really enjoy the variety and look forward to the challenge of these sessions.  Perhaps most important is that the programme is built around a busy work schedule with total flexibility.  

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Marathon newcomer to London Marathon Qualifier (x2) in a time of 3:41.  Half Marathon improvement from 1:55 to 1:41.

When I signed up for my first marathon I thought if I’m going to do this thing right I’m going to need a coach. Jimmy took time to talk though my experience as a runner, my level of fitness and what a programme with him would entail. The programme allowed me to not only smash my first marathon, but to hit so many PBs along the way. The whole experience has helped me to remember that I do best when training towards a goal and I have totally fallen back in love with running. He encouraged me throughout, tailored everything to my level and progress with a scientifically backed approach. 

Laura Triathlon.jpeg


A huge confidence boost from progress in her 5k and 10 mile PB in Yorkshire.

"I started training at a time when I really needed support – I had a lack of confidence and although I was ‘active’ I felt very aimless. With his support I set some realistic goals; which initially was to develop a routine and improve my 5K time. Jimmy responded to exactly where I was and devised a training plan which included a variety of gym strength training and specific running workouts."

Craig Gym.jpg


Already very experienced athlete, Craig has improved his half marathon PB by 6 minutes to 1:24.

Working with Jimmy has been a hugely rewarding and satisfying experience. He has helped me hit significant PBs at all distances and educated me along the way, helping me to understand different training techniques and approaches.  His knowledge of running and functional physical fitness generally is exceptional. His programming has been engaging, enjoyable and remarkably effective.  Most importantly, Jimmy is very approachable and available. Whenever I have had any training questions he has been there for advice as well as giving me assurance and accountability for my training.

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