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Everybody receives "individualised" advice.  All endurance athletes are different, with specific strengths and weaknesses, varied goals, different levels of ability and have different demands on their time.  For this reason programmes must be individual.  


In order to optimise training testing is important.  Depending on the event you are training for, the facilities and equipment you have available, we can test in different ways to establish your current level of performance.  From there we can set personalised training intensities to develop your performance.

Athetic Women Sprinting

Every session must have a purpose.  We will use the testing process to establish training intensities (e.g. heart rate and/or pace and power) so that we can train more effectively.  No more guess work.  A balanced and effective programme will develop both specific speed and endurance so that you can perform in your chosen event.  

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Strength is such a polarising topic for endurance athletes.  The fear of bulking up is rife in the endurance community.  Not only is this incorrect, but I believe strength training, performed correctly, is a vital ingredient in performance.  It creates a robust athlete, reducing injury risk, helping generate greater propulsive force and playing a role in delaying fatigue.  

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Training for an endurance event is a major commitment and needs to be fitted around everyday life.  That is why my programmes are structured around your needs, with the training time and frequency built to suit you.  It will also be adaptable and ready for the unseen things that life throws up.  You tell me the key dates in your diary and I will structure training to factor them in.

Image by Brian Metzler

You are likely interested in a training programme because you enjoy endurance sport.  But we need to keep the fun aspect at the centre!  During the initial consultation please tell me what you enjoy.  If that is hill running, trail running, track workouts, mountain biking or gravel rides, it can all be factored in.  When I have completed marathon programmes in the past and reflect in the aftermath, a successful race is fantastic, but, I often find that I spend time considering the process to get to that point.  There is a significant time commitment - and it must be fun!

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